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This years classic will be held on the Grand River on September 20th.  The Grand River will be off limits from Sunday evening, July 14th, until the classic.  We will launch out of the Grand Haven Munincipal launch.

After 15 years of running the Shoreline Bass Tour, Ed Opalek announced his retirement from running the tour today effective next year.  Ed indicated he has several interested parties in taking over the tour.  If you are interested please contact Ed.  We have all of the data from the 2007 year through current.

"I for one have loved fishing Shoreline Bass the last 15 years.  The guys that fish it are not only quality fisherman and fisher women but first class people.  Ed has done a first class job of making Shoreline Bass what it is today.  I for one love fishing this circuit because of his efforts.  He has always thought of us first and what we want from a tournament circuit.  He will be missed and I wish (him) the best of luck."
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